Done Exercises for Сourses by Artem Gorbunov Bureau

Goal: to do a design for personal website, to make it is adaptive for different screens.



Goal: To stop the panic around the construction of a large hadron collider in Skolkovo. To write the text and make the information page

P.S. It isn't a real situation with a hadron collider. It is just imagined for students :) 


Goal: To show how this book can be useful. To help people choose and buy it easily as a gift for the designer, art director, project manager. To help the client will have sold all books that stuck in the warehouse. To write the text and create the structure of the promo page.


Goal: To find contradictions in the tasks and solve them based on a book about the theory of solving design problems.



Goa: To show advantages of the russian traditional boots. To help the client sells boots. To do the main page of the site "Bitsevskie valenki".


Первая версия:



Goal: Create a mobile application for putting in order all documents.