is a platform for ads about selling and renting accommodations. I came to the project when It had been already launched more than five years ago. I had been working there for one and a half year and on this page, I have presented some of the solutions, which I contributed. 

Before: this block contains peer review of buildings and infrastructure. There was used a default pattern for showing characteristics, but there was added so much information, so It seemed really messy. I was asked to find the best way of improving this area. 


After: The information was reorganized, double items were deleted, small scales for illustrative purposes were added. Layout and typography became clear and useful.


Before: the page of special offers from building companies looked like a grid of similar advertisements. It was awkward for users to search for a suitable offer, the number of clicks was decreasing every month.


After: I suggested to link advertisements and locations on the map. In this case, it became easier for users to find optimum offers.


Before: popular new buildings were shown as the same size cards. I was asked to suggest something for increasing amount of views.

After: I created the new grid with different size cards. Offers got look fashionable, like in a magazine.


By working with advanced search interfaces I designed metro route maps for some Russian cities as well as for Kharkov, Kiev, Minsk. For instance, this one is for Sankt-Petersburg:


For Novosibirsk:


For Kharkov:


For Kiev:


Also, I created designs for landing pages, below are links to some of them:

For private individuals

For advertisers

For agencies

Place your ads for free

Selling advertisement spaces in Krasnodar is starting

Tell about your company on


Besides, I was in charge of renovation guidelines and supporting them, creating illustrations and infographics, ads, presentations, print materials.