Interactive Prototype for Artists Lifes Project

When students start learning History of Arts, the typical issue they face is a lack of understanding the time and the context. Academic texts and dates may look too abstract for beginners. This project gives bird’s eye view on art through the ages and it helps building up a consistent framework in mind. I suppose that having that backbone it will be easier to perceive art exhibitions and academic articles as all new incoming information will be linked with other facts and historical events consciousness.

The project reveals fascinating facts and stories in painters’ biographies, shows how long and how productive were their ‘creative paths’, how artists influenced each other, what were their last paintings (whether they stopped artistic career or passed away). The infographic encourages audience to learn more about professional lives of painters and their most significant works.

The data is taken from Wikidata. The source list of artists was reduced to painters with date of birth between 1850-1950, who had at least one citizenship in a European country and have 2 or more paintings marked as notable by Wikipedia.

The prototype is created using Processing framework (Java-based language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts) and works as a desktop application. 

Programming consultant: Sergey Susikov.

Download for:      Win32      Win64