Paintings on the Map Project

This project extends the idea of Painters’ Lives Project to give a bird’s eye view for better understanding time and historical contexts. Arranging pieces of arts on the map gives interesting cross-section revealing leading countries in painting and how art movements coexisted.

The data is taken from Wikidata. The source list of artists was reduces to painters with a date of birth between 1800-1948, who had a citizenship in a European country. Coordinates on the map correspond to respective citizenship countries’ capitals. If a painter has two or more citizenships, the place of birth is taken.

The website is created using p5.js library for JavaScript. As ideas for developing I consider: adding more informational layers (for example, dates of key historical events, changing borders of countries depending on the year), search filters, to enrich the content as well as expand time frames.

 Programming consultant: Sergey Susikov.