Test Tasks for Yousician: App and Landing Page Redesign

Based on Yousician mission "to make musicality as common as literacy." I have defined the style as casual, clean, intelligent, and optimistic. 

In my opinion, Yousician can afford to bring more fun in the process of education so I have added the funny illustration in the app itself. I used Yousician's green to keep the brand identity. 

I have kept all functionality and structure of the app but rearranged menus and panels in a more familiar way for iOS users. I have found the existing navigation pretty tangled for newcomers and tried to bring more simplicity putting main actions on the first level. It makes the app looks more easy-to-start and fits everyone. 

On the landing page, I am trying to develop and enrich this impression with photos. There might be a carousel on the main screen with photos illustrating socializing through music rather than about the educational process itself, for instance: family evenings, cozy parties and holidays, wedding performances, etc. Besides, I think using only illustrations with funny drawn characters instead of photos might be also an option to consider. 

The illustration I placed below a hero image is obviously pretty raw and requires more work. But the main idea I would convey there is to illustrate how the interface works, show the beauty of the idea of turning strings into tablature. 

 I have done only the first couple of screens of the landing page to demonstrate the visual approach.

There are the only visual part of the task, the full assignment with detailed description and mood boards in the attached PDF